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Despite gradual improvement in the health of the economy, states are still struggling to stay afloat. One such city is Camden, New Jersey.  As described in an LA Times article, Camden is “cash-strapped” and has started cutting its police force, which has led to an across-the-board need for safety, security and investigation. As a result of the lack of police, citizens are turning to private detectives, private investigators and private security.

This phenomenon isn't limited to just Camden either. According to the article, polices forces in California and Tennessee, to name a couple of states, are also experiencing this:
After police cuts in Oakland, resident Dabney Lawless encouraged 400 neighbors to sign up on a website so they could send alerts to one another when they noticed suspicious people around; she also pays extra to an alarm company to drive through the neighborhood. Ron Cancio, the manager of a Stockton security firm, said that since the city's budget battles, residents often have called his firm for minor complaints, because they know he'll respond more quickly than the police.

But it’s not just the police cuts either. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for private detectives and investigators is expected to increase by 21% through 2020. This is a significant number any which way you cut it.

Now, whether you consider yourself to be a Sherlock Holmes-type or a heroic private eye pulled from the pages of classic noir, the choice seems to be yours. And whether you’re a former police officer affected by the budget cuts or you’re looking to take advantage of the increase in demand for private solutions, Allied Schools has the solution you need.

We offer 100% online and flexible private investigator training for students nationwide. Be your own boss while helping the community stay safe and secure. Choose a top private investigator training program today for your unique career solution.

Call us at (888) 501-7686 for more information about how you can start your private investigation career.

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