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You've always wanted a career in health care, but medical school isn't in the cards and the thought of a 12-hour nursing shift leaves you cold. The good news, fortunately, is that you can train for a professional health care job without going to school for years and years.

In no particular order, here are five great health care jobs that you can begin training for now:

  • Medical Transcriptionist: Doctors record their notes into a tape recorder. Medical transcriptionists, with their knowledge of medical terminology, transcribe the recordings into legible reports. Possible as a home-based career after you complete medical transcription training.
  • Medical Administrative Assistant: Schedule and greet patients, manage paperwork, supervise medical office staffers; be the administrative hub of a medical office or doctor's office.
    Medical Coder: Read medical reports about a patient's diagnosis and the medical procedures used, and then assign a specific code for the purpose of accurate billing and record keeping.
  • Medical Biller: Make sure doctors get paid for services by completing claim forms and billing insurance companies. Follow each insurance carrier's policies and procedures to ensure everyone gets paid.
  • Dental Office Assistant: Work right alongside the dentist chair helping dentists and patients in a dental office. Your knowledge of dental terminology and dental office procedures will make you invaluable to both dental patients and your dental office colleagues.
  • Pharmacy Technician: The impending retirement of the baby boomers will mean an increased demand for both health care and medication. Pharmacy techs will have job opportunities for years to come. Help prepare prescriptions in a retail pharmacy, nursing home or mail-order pharmacy.

It's important for busy moms, military personnel, military spouses or anyone else who wants a new career to remember that training for a health care position can be done without neglecting current day-to-day responsibilities - and that's because of the convenience of distance (online) education.

Online courses allow students to train at night and on the weekends and also from the comfort of their own homes. Enrolling in a distance education program is also a practical way to beat the cost of rising gasoline prices.


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