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The holidays are here. You know what this means: gifts galore! To stick with the holiday, gift-giving theme, we have compiled our top last-minute gifts for online learners and students. But they could be great gifts for others too, including the nerdy, tech –loving and studious folks in your life. Take a look!

  1. Fun USB Flash Drive: Whether you need to have additional data storage options, or you need to transfer data elsewhere, USB flash drives make it simple. And if you’re going to have a USB drive, why not store your data onto Captain America’s shield, or Albert Einstein’s head, or a delicious-looking ice cream bar? Store data here.
  2. Washable Keyboard: Look, we’re at the computer for most of our day. We have to eat some time, right? Now you can eat messy ribs, or participate in a pie eating contest while at your desk! If you spill coffee or soda, no need to worry. Just wash it off! Get messy here.
  3. Pillowcase Studies: That’s right. A pillowcase for every academic discipline, from economics and music theory to political science and biology! You can literally sleep on knowledge. Plus, your pillow fights will be so very educational! Rest atop the nerdiest pillowcase here.
  4. Lightweight Headphones: For many, music can be the perfect companion to a great studying session. Make it a pair of top-rated lightweight headphones so you can abstain from duct-taping floor speakers to your head. Enjoy your tunes here.
  5. Bed Desk: One of the great things about taking online college courses is that you can study anywhere: at the coffee shop, park, on a horse (it’s true) and in your bed. With the Bed Desk, you can study comfortable on your bed or anywhere else you like to sprawl out. Note: a bed cannot physically eat your homework, so you’ll have to come up with a better excuse! Get comfy here.
Happy holidays! And a happy New Year!

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Resolutions. They are upon us once again. Whether you make a resolution every New Year or not, we all experience it on some level. We know it as a personal chance for goal-setting and growth; we know it as a way to motivate ourselves; we know it as a way to curb some silly habit; or, for some, we know it as something others participate in, but we couldn't care less about.

No matter how you perceive the annual New Year’s resolution tradition, even if you deem it silly and a waste of time, there’s a certain value in the concept: that is, the idea of creating a resolution or goal, in and of itself, is a positive thing.

Photo by Mattia Luigi Nappi (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (
via Wikimedia Commons

Setting goals is a wonderful motivator, and can be truly enriching to your life. The time of year doesn't matter. It’s the intent that counts. If you feel pressured into creating a resolution, don’t do it. You will only set yourself up for failure. But if you are open to change and have a drive to better yourself and your surroundings, the resolutions will come about naturally.

For those online learners that like to think about new resolutions every year, we've listed a few to get you started. For those that like a more natural approach to goal-setting, perhaps these can give you something to think about for later.

Resolution Inspiration for Online Students:

  • Expand your vocabulary. Doing so will help you in your studies and in your day-to-day writing and speaking; it will help you at school, in your personal interactions and in your job. Start by picking up a portable dictionary to keep with you at all times. Try to look up and learn a new word every week. Or, if that’s too much of a time commitment, try to learn one new word every two weeks. That’s only two new words a month. And 24 a year!
  • Do less sitting. Students sit a lot. Whether you’re in a classroom or at home or in a local coffee shop, most students sit when they study, take tests, be a student. One of the key distinctions between online and brick-and-mortar is that online learners (at Allied Schools, students have freedom of flexibly-paced programs) have the flexibility to take time to get up and stretch, or head outdoors for some fresh air and an afternoon run. This coming year, try sitting less by taking 5-minute stretch breaks, 20-minute yoga sessions, or invest in a standing desk or treadmill desk. It’s better for your back and overall health!
  • Learn a new skill. We can always learn more, right? That’s, in our minds, a wonderful thing. There’s so much knowledge out there; we just have to seek it out. Don’t feel like you have to learn something academic either. You can learn how to perform sign language, or build a website, or tap dance. You can learn the housing marketing with a real estate license, you can learn ICD-10 and delve into a medical coding career, or you can become an expert in solar technical sales. No matter what you learn, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and your mind will thank you. 

Setting up a New Year’s resolution this year? Share it on Allied Business Schools’ Facebook page.  From the Allied Schools family, wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year!

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