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Allied’s Proctoring Service is available for all Texas real estate and appraisal licensing courses that require a proctored final.  As a student, this means you can easily and conveniently utilize a proctor from the comfort of home, saving you time and money (as much as $207 for your Texas real estate courses!)

In-House Proctor Included

That’s right, Allied’s Proctoring Service is included at no additional cost and is part of the tuition you’re already paying for the applicable courses. This service includes an unbiased third-party who will verify your identity and oversee you taking the course exam.

So, you’re ready for your final - what do you do next? To schedule a proctor appointment, you can access the Proctor” button in your course’s toolbar.  From there, you will launch a calendar of available dates and times.  Simply choose the ones you prefer for your final. Once it’s scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions.

Proctor Service Details

·         You must have a webcam to utilize this service.

·         You cannot access the calendar until you have completed all of the assignments required to access the final exam.

·         You must schedule an appointment for each course final attempt.

·         There is a 2-hour buffer for same day appointments.

·         Once at the appointment, you must go through a 5-10 minute check-in process in which your identity is verified, among other things.  Once verified, you are transferred to a quiet room where your test is completed.

·         During the exam, you must remain in view of the webcam for the duration of the exam or the session will be ended and the exam will be locked.

·         Currently, there are 18 appointments available Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST, excluding holidays. 

Benefits of Using Allied’s Proctoring Service

Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll benefit from enrolling in an Allied course that includes the proctoring service:

·         Save money - Start with a school that includes a proctoring service as part of the tuition! This will save you money (as much as $23 per Texas real estate course!) Using a third-party service costs extra.  Why pay more when it can be included with what you’ve already paid?

·         Save time –Instead of driving to your local library, you can save time and simply log onto your computer.  There’s no drive time, traffic time or walking time to get to your testing location. It’s all on your time!

·         Convenience – Take your final from the comfort of home. That’s right - with Allied’s proctoring service, you don’t have to go anywhere. What is more convenient than that? You just need access to a computer with a webcam.

·         Ease – What could be easier than logging into your computer and getting started with your final? After your appointment is set up, just come back on the assigned day and time of your final and complete a 5 – 10 minute check in. After that, you’re on your way!

·         Get a Leg Up – You’ll be ahead! While your friends or classmates are trying to find a proctor or travelling to a testing site, you’ll be at home ready to sign in and get started on your final.  

Benefit from the ease and convenience of Allied’s Proctoring Service today. With live support from start to finish and 26 years of experience, this is one additional way Allied is there to help its students reach their goals. Get started now and complete your education on your terms.  


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Allied Real Estate Schools, is proud to announce, in conjunction with Metro-West Appraisal Company, LLC, the launch of the Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Professional Development program, designed to provide career development and a hands-on work site experience for appraiser students.

 “This exclusive program picks up where the training finishes and is a seamless next step to get our students educated and then out in the field alongside industry leaders,” said Mike Eagan, director of sales and marketing.  “It reinforces our primary goal of providing live student support from start to finish.”

The professional development program provides students with the opportunity to learn the day-to-day expectations and responsibilities of the Appraiser Trainee position, from professional development to on-the-job experience, including: 

·         Students will receive an overview of the various State Board requirements leading to licensure, gaining experiential hours and completing CE requirements

·         Students will find helpful and useful tips for a successful training experience

·         Students will develop a professional portfolio, as required for the interview process 

·         Students will develop a professional networking profile 

·         Upon completion of the professional development program, students will utilize their job search abilities and learn how to negotiate for employment as an Appraiser Trainee, if not already enrolled in an apprentice program

·         Students who are accepted into the Associate Program with Metro-West Appraisal will have an opportunity to practice the skills they have learned under direct supervision in an actual work environment 

Metro-West Appraisal, the largest independent residential appraisal firm in the nation, matches students with mentors that have years of experience, a proven track record of completing quality appraisals and a consistent pipeline of appraisal assignments. The paid Associate Program is designed to provide Allied students with the first step in securing long-term employment by providing hands-on experience working alongside tenured appraisers. Greg Stephens, the Program Chair and Chief Appraiser, oversees the program, bringing 40 years of appraisal industry experience and industry qualifications, including SRA Designated Certified General Appraiser and winner of the Valuation Visionary Award.

 “We are excited to partner with Metro-West to provide our students with the very best hands-on experience and teaching them firsthand how to put their skills to work,” said Eagan. “This is setting them up for success from the very beginning, with respected mentors by their side.”

With Allied’s Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Professional Development program, appraisal students receive the basis of career exploration and preparation, followed by an opportunity to earn Trainee experience with a Supervisor Appraiser with Metro-West Appraisal where they learn the acceptable methods of analyzing, researching, inspecting, reporting and monitoring all aspects of the appraisal process.

About Allied Real Estate Schools
Allied Real Estate Schools, a division of Allied Business Schools, Inc., is an industry-leading online career training school that is committed to providing affordable, high-quality courses, instructional materials, and student services to students nationwide. With over 1 million enrollments to date, Allied has been a leader in online education since 1992. For more information about Allied’s real estate course offerings, please visit or call (800) 617-3513.


About Metro-West Appraisal, LLC
Metro‐West Appraisal, LLC, the nation’s largest and premier appraisal firm since 1987 with over 225+ staff appraisers nationwide, was founded by appraisers and is still managed by appraisers today. There are staff appraisers located in over 80 major metro markets throughout the United States. Each office is staffed with full-time W-2 appraisers, helping to maintain quality and consistency throughout its entire network. For more information about Metro-West Appraisal, please visit



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