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Considering a career change to the real estate field? Check out Allied’s property management courses. Unlike a brick and mortar property management school, Allied’s training program is 100% online and self-paced with 24/7 access.

As a property manager, you will oversee and maintain property on behalf of the owner. Your responsibilities may include:

  • Establishing Rent Rates
  • Property Marketing
  • Competitive Research
  • Filling Vacancies
  • Maintaining Financial Records
  • Inspection of Property and Grounds
  • Managing Maintenance and Repairs
  • And More

Allied’s comprehensive property management education will prepare you to take on all of these responsibilities with tools such as the Property Management and Landlord’s Troubleshooter textbooks, a real estate dictionary and property management software. Also, you will receive a one year membership to the International Real Estate Institute (IREI), a respected association for property management professionals (upon successful completion of your program).

If real estate market concerns are a barrier to starting your property management career, do a little research, and you may discover that rental property in or around your community is in hot demand. For example, an April 2011 report released by Reis, Inc. stated:

  • With new jobs being added to the economy and more people choosing to rent, the nation’s vacancy rate came in at 6.2%, down from 6.6% in the fourth quarter and 8% in the first quarter a year ago
  • Increased demand for rental property has made is easier for landlords to cut back on freebies and increase rents

Another perk? Many property managers are self-employed. Once you establish a broad base of property management experience, you can start your own business and increase the number of properties you manage.

If you’re already working in the real estate industry, like as a real estate salesperson, adding a property management background to your career may be a smart way to reinforce your income.

Want to learn more? Check out Allied’s, online property management course. Preparing for a new career and enhancing your background doesn’t get more convenient than self-paced training on your schedule.

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