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Do you like the idea of managing the daily activities of a construction business? There has never been a better time to get your California contractor license. In the current real estate industry, people are deciding to stay put in their current residence or take advantage of real estate bargains - which oftentimes need a lot of work. As these people decide to make improvements to either their current house or new purchase, they need a qualified licensed contractor to do the work.

By earning your contractor license, you can perform contracting duties in a legal manner, without the risk of getting fined for doing large construction work. You also won't lose any more jobs because another contractor has a license. The proper education will give you the ability to expand your contractor career potential - and your construction business.

Benefits of Getting Your California Contractor License

- You can protect yourself financially and legally
- You can gain prestige as a professional
- You can qualify for small business loans
- You can purchase building materials and supplies at a discount
- You can advertise your new business knowing you are 100% state compliant.

As a construction manager, you will oversee other construction workers - acting as a project manager. You will have the opportunity to oversee your own construction business or be a salaried employee of a construction management or contracting firm. Your contractor license will enable you to coordinate and supervise the construction process - from concept to final construction. Managing a team of people, you will oversee the planning, scheduling and implementation of the work.

You can become the professional licensed contractor you have always wanted - a little extra work can take your contractor career to the next level. Don't take orders anymore - you can give them and act as your own boss! Getting your contractor license will enable you to assume a management role. Choose the licensing category that fits your needs - General Engineering, Earthwork & Paving, HVAC, Roofing, Swimming Pool, Tile, and more. Specialize in the areas that interest you most!

A California contractor school will require you to enroll in a package that includes the areas of Law & Business and Trade. Once you complete the coursework, you will prepare for the Law & Business and Trade exams. You will then complete a state exam application. Further study will prepare you for the California Contractor License Exam - and put you on your way to an exciting new management role.

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Allied Vocational Rehabilitation School addresses the needs of injured workers and provides them with the means to re-enter the workforce in promising careers, while helping counselors manage their cases in this tough economy. Alex Calderon, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), says, "Allied's large number of programs and their ability to provide remote training in rural areas and across the border in Mexico has provided our clients with vocational alternatives that otherwise they would not have."

People might not know that Workers' Compensation benefits exist for injured workers and that there is up to $10,000 available to them for re-training. Allied serves as a bridge between students and their new careers by addressing benefit questions and matching them with online training in high-demand careers. The benefits provide the means for injured workers to enroll in a course and return to work fast in stable, relevant careers - putting then at an advantage in the current job market.

"For employees that have been injured, it can be challenging for them to take the first step and get re-trained in a new career," said George Achenbach, president of Allied Schools. "At Allied, we want to make the voc rehab process easier and guide students every step of the way - from understanding their Workers' Compensation benefits to entering the job market with marketable skills. We also want to ease the burden of counselors."

Today's competitive job market requires highly sought-after career skills. Allied offers 20+ career-training courses in medical, real estate and business - with available medical coding courses, medical transcription and solar technology training that will be in high demand due to the new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Courses, such as medical billing courses, real estate salesperson, home inspection, property management and private investigation, can be completed in as little as six months and lend themselves to opportunities nationwide. Allied's representatives are bilingual and courses available in Spanish make career training an option for all students.

On Track Personal Service (OTPS) partners students with an Academic Advisor. Through this unique collaboration, students are given the tools to successfully complete their programs in a timely manner, with regular phone calls and personalized support. Counselors are constantly informed of their progress with weekly progress reports. Layne Guinnane, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) says, "The On-Track Personal Service sets this school apart from all other home-based training programs. I have found the results I have achieved through Allied for my clients to be equal to or superior to many site-based schools."

To make a smooth transition back into the workplace, Allied has created the Job Assistance Network (JANET), a four-week course that provides students with the skills to conduct a successful job search. Included with their career training, the program teaches students learn how to write an effective cover letter and resume, uncover job leads and network with industry professionals - with the intention to provide valuable job search skills that lead to rewarding and stable employment.

"The bottom line is that we care about our students and want to see them succeed," said Achenbach. "We know that they have been faced with difficult circumstances and our top priority is helping them get back to work and earning a paycheck as soon as possible."

The career-training programs, personalized support and job assistance give students all of the benefits of a traditional school with the convenience of learning at home. Online courses put career training within reach, regardless or circumstance or location, and enables students to study anytime in a comfortable setting. Students get retrained and back to work, and counselors have peace of mind that their cases are being properly managed and resolved - the ideal outcome for everyone.

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