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Are you considering a property management career? Property management offers a wide range of possibilities once you establish yourself. Here is a brief synopsis of what is involved in this growing field.

You can choose to focus your efforts on smaller properties, including apartments and townhomes, or pursue larger projects such as shopping malls. Depending on the state you live in and your particular goals, you may need to obtain a real estate license as an agent or Broker.

To simplify, there are typically three categories of property managers:

-Individual Building Manager - Employed directly by the owner to
manage a single property.

-Individual Property Manager - Handles multiple properties for
several owners. They have their own firm, or work as part of a
property management company or real estate organization.

-Resident Manager - Manages an apartment building and usually
resides on the premises. He/she is employed by either a real estate
Broker or the owner.

Some of the duties involved in managing properties are record-keeping, rent collection, showing the property to perspective tenants, running credit and background checks, preparing leases and rental agreements, advertising vacancies, and hiring and training building personnel.

An important skill all property managers should master is marketing – because vacant buildings mean loss in profits. Property managers need to be aware of popular trends and desirable features that attract clients. For example, energy efficient properties are in high demand. Savvy property managers who pursue green training or renewable energy education will be better equipped to fill the demands of today's green-conscious consumer.

Unlike many career choices, being a property manager doesn't require lots of formalized education. However, a Bachelor's Degree is helpful in getting your foot in the door as an assistant property manager, regional manager, or a leasing consultant for a large community. All in all, the key to moving up and increasing your success is with actual experience in the field.

Finally, property managers who belong to respectable member organizations receive extra credibility as well as support. One such group is the International Real Estate Institute (IREI). Employers frequently look to these groups for prospective personnel since all members must agree to uphold and follow a certain code of ethics.

Are you ready to begin a property management career? Choose an online property management course, differentiate yourself by grasping green building principles and begin the rewarding career you deserve. Click here to learn Green Property Management Course.

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Are you ready for a career change? What about gaining a competitive edge for that promotion you deserve? No matter what your career plans are, an online school can provide the convenience and flexibility one needs to balance daily obligations with educational pursuits.

The key to a successful online educational experience starts with selecting the right online school. The selection process requires careful consideration and the following checklist is a great place to start.

1. 100% Online Courses
Make sure the program you choose is truly 100% online. Some schools offer courses with online and classroom requirements. Avoid the confusion. Select an online educational institution with 100% online courses that are self-paced and accessible 24/7.

2. Personalized Student Support
Choose an online school that offers live technical and academic support with multiple contact options: email, phone and fax. If you get stuck on a concept, assistance is within reach. And here's a good tip - make sure your school's support department is staffed by more than one person. Your time is precious.

3. Accreditation
Your online school of choice should be accredited by a nationally-recognized accrediting agency. In order for any school to receive accreditation, they must constantly adhere to strict guidelines. For example, the school must be financially sound, have qualified instructors, approved policies/procedures and much more. Beware of schools lacking proper accreditation - your hard-earned certification or licensing could lose all credibility.

4. Variety of Online Training Courses
Choose an online school with educational programs in growing industries. For example, with Obama's plans to improve our nation's health care system and renewable energy use a major focus nationwide, these industries are in need of trained workers. Selecting an online school with certification and licensing programs in an industry poised for growth is simply a smart choice.

5. Job Assistance
You just completed your online education program. Now what? If you chose an online school with job assistance, you can request the help you need to pursue a new career. Services may include resume and cover letter reviews, interview tips and more.

6. Payment Plans
Worried about money? Align yourself with an online school that offers flexible payment plans. Some payment plans will even allow you to start your course at a low cost, followed by affordable monthly payments.

7. Military Tuition Assistance
If you're in the military, choose a school that accepts your Military Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits. As an active-duty service member, TA benefits may cover up to 100% of your online education. Spouses of active-duty service members can also benefit by selecting an online school that accepts Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program (MSCAAP) benefits, which can provide spouses up to $6,000for their education.

8. History of Success
Are there student testimonials on your prospective online training school's web site? How long have they been established? Did past students have successful experiences with their courses and the school's policies? These are the kinds of questions to consider when pursuing education courses online.

An online education is an ideal choice for those who like to manage their own time, enjoy learning from home and must attend to other responsibilities while pursuing their education. Choose your online education program carefully and you'll be on your way to a rewarding career in no time.

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