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Do you like the idea of managing the daily activities of a construction business? There has never been a better time to get your California contractor license. In the current real estate industry, people are deciding to stay put in their current residence or take advantage of real estate bargains - which oftentimes need a lot of work. As these people decide to make improvements to either their current house or new purchase, they need a qualified licensed contractor to do the work.

By earning your contractor license, you can perform contracting duties in a legal manner, without the risk of getting fined for doing large construction work. You also won't lose any more jobs because another contractor has a license. The proper education will give you the ability to expand your contractor career potential - and your construction business.

Benefits of Getting Your California Contractor License

- You can protect yourself financially and legally
- You can gain prestige as a professional
- You can qualify for small business loans
- You can purchase building materials and supplies at a discount
- You can advertise your new business knowing you are 100% state compliant.

As a construction manager, you will oversee other construction workers - acting as a project manager. You will have the opportunity to oversee your own construction business or be a salaried employee of a construction management or contracting firm. Your contractor license will enable you to coordinate and supervise the construction process - from concept to final construction. Managing a team of people, you will oversee the planning, scheduling and implementation of the work.

You can become the professional licensed contractor you have always wanted - a little extra work can take your contractor career to the next level. Don't take orders anymore - you can give them and act as your own boss! Getting your contractor license will enable you to assume a management role. Choose the licensing category that fits your needs - General Engineering, Earthwork & Paving, HVAC, Roofing, Swimming Pool, Tile, and more. Specialize in the areas that interest you most!

A California contractor school will require you to enroll in a package that includes the areas of Law & Business and Trade. Once you complete the coursework, you will prepare for the Law & Business and Trade exams. You will then complete a state exam application. Further study will prepare you for the California Contractor License Exam - and put you on your way to an exciting new management role.

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