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In biological terms, energy is what keeps us going. On a base level, it’s what we need in order to live. But on a grander scale, energy is the product or result of our physical and mental efforts. But these efforts need fuel. And sometimes, just sometimes, we don’t need to rely on the sweet, tantalizing pull of coffee to get us there.*

3 Ways You Can Re-Energize Without Having to Drink More Coffee

1. Snack regularly.

Numerous scientific studies have been done on snacking and the prevailing sentiment is that snacking is an important activity for both health and energy. But this doesn’t mean that you should lay waste to an elephant-sized bag of potato chips in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. While that may be tempting, it won’t help with your energy. Stick to smaller snacks (200-300 calories or so) like almonds, fruit, cheese and crackers every couple of hours. Your body will thank you for it, and your studies will benefit from all the focus and energy you gained! Find out what else you can eat to boost your energy here.

2. Take short walks.

Exercise, generally speaking, is a wonderful thing and provides so many life-preserving benefits. But we don’t always have the time to drive to the gym or spend an hour being chased by the neighbor’s overconfident Yorkshire Terrier. But we do have time to take short walks. Ten, fifteen-minute walks, every so often throughout the day, can truly make a huge impact on your energy levels. If you live in an area where it’s too cold to go outside, try a simple 10 minutes of yoga or something along those lines. Your mind will be clearer for it. Plus, you’ll get the energy you need to finish your courses for the day.

Short walks for energy boosts
Colorful Hiker in Calero County Park by donjd2

3. Get better sleep.

Sleep is probably the most important on this list, because without it, none of the other things are even in the realm of possibility. In other words, sleep is essential. There is an important distinction, however. Better sleep is not the same as more sleep. You may certainly need more sleep, but you need to know what’s right for you. You may need eight hours of sleep. You may need five. You may need to sleep on your side or on a firmer mattress or in a sleeping bag under the stars. The important thing is to know yourself, know your body, and make the decision that gives you the proper amount of sleep for optimal mental and physical health. If you can find that balance, your world will be chock-full of energy. Be more focused and effective with better sleep.

If you are able to snack regularly, take short walks and get better sleep, you will be a much more focused and efficient student. Adding on to that the happiness you can get from career training at Allied and you have a match made in heaven! Before we conclude, we’d love to hear from you. How do you bring yourself energy throughout the long work or school day?

For more information about Allied Schools, visit us at, or call us at (888) 501-7686.

*We love coffee. But we also love a nice balance. :)

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